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Proc rank or cluster? Creating portfolio

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Proc rank or cluster? Creating portfolio

Hey guys. I'm very new to SAS and a post few time ago helped me started on SAS. But I'm stuck on one more procedure. I want to create a portfolio and don't know how to do this. It seems like proc rank or cluster should work. But i am having trouble proceeding here. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

here is what i have

Firm identifier     Year            Liquidity        Liq_Std        Size

1                         1985            2.3               4.5              5

2                         1985

3                          1985

1                          1986

2                           1986

3                          1986

4                          1986

5                           1986

and...The year goes till 2011 and there are probably 100-200 firms in each year (not balanced in every year). I have to divide the firms into 25 different groups based on their value of  liquidity, liq_std, and size (highs in one, med high in another.........low in last ) by year.

So basically, I will have 3 different 25 portfolio's each year for liquidity, liq_std and size based on its value.

Thanks in advance.

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