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Proc options

What is proc options used for? I am still having a problem getting observations from a program I wrote but understanding what it is used for may help me (with the help of tech support Smiley Happy solve my problem.
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Have you contacted Tech Support already? The forums should not be used in place of SAS Technical Support.

PROC OPTIONS lists the current settings of SAS system options. Other "options-related" procedures are PROC OPTLOAD and PROC OPTSAVE. There are also SAS System options that can be used to limit the number of observations that you process. To learn more about the OPTIONS procedure, follow this click path in the SAS Help documentation:
--> SAS Help and Documentation
--> Click on CONTENTS Tab
--> Expand the SAS Products folder
--> Expand the BASE SAS folder
--> Expand the SAS Procedures folder
--> Expand the Procedures folder
--> Navigate to "The OPTIONS Procedure" topic
--> Click to open the topic
--> Read the Overview section

Or, optionally, go to SAS Help and Documentation and enter this string (in quotes) into the Search tab field:
"Overview: OPTIONS Procedure"

Tech Support may ask you to run a PROC OPTIONS step and send them the LOG results if they suspect that an option setting is having an adverse impact on your program. To send a question to Tech Support, go to and in the left-hand navigation pane, click on the link entitled "Submit a Problem".

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