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Proc gplot help

Hello all,

I am hoping someone here knows how to do this in a simple way. I am re-creating a number of graphs that weere originally in excel using proc gplot. I have gotten them to look identical other than one small issue. I need to put a drop shadow effect on the frame around the graph itself (not the legend, but around the frame surrounding the area where the data is plotted). Anyone know how this is done?

Thank you in advance...
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Re: Proc gplot help

I don't think there is a drop-frame capability in PROC GPLOT. You could, I assume, very tediously reproduce this effect via Annotate commands, but I hardly think it is worth the effort.

Of course, I think trying to get SAS/GRAPH plots to look like Excel isn't worth the effort either, as I don't see any value in this effort.
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