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Proc Tabulate Percentages

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Proc Tabulate Percentages



I keep coming to a dead end when trying to find out how to do the following in Proc Tabulate.  I would like to create the percentages as shown in the attached table. You will see that the treatment counts should be calculated as a percentage of the number of patients in each region. 


If anyone could help I would be really happy. I've been trying to solve this for a long time!


Thanks very much in advance!


 Here's the code I have with the variable names.

data all1;
  set all;
  by patno;
  if first.patno then pat_cnt = 1;

proc tabulate data = all1;
  class grp trt region;
  var pat_cnt;
  tables pat_cnt (grp * trt), region;


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Re: Proc Tabulate Percentages

It would greatly help to provide some example data.

You may be looking for a table statement like


 tables pat_cnt (grp * trt), region*(n pctn);

but can't test that without data.

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