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Proc Tabulate Formatting

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Proc Tabulate Formatting


I have two questions about Proc Tabulate:

1. I wanted to remove a field from the list since that is not needed in the output. Is it possible?

2.Also how do I align the listings under a specific variable in the middle of the table?

Could someone please send the keyword/code to do so.

Thanks in advance.


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Proc Tabulate Formatting


  Seeing your TABULATE code would be most helpful here and a bit of your data. For example, when you say you want to "remove a field from the list" -- what field and what list? Do you mean the variable name in the VAR statement or do you mean the variable label in the TABULATE final table? You could mean either. You say that the field is not needed in the output, which would be an argument for just taking the variable out of the TABLE statement, but without seeing your actual code, it is hard to envision what you mean.

  Next, you asked how to "align the listings under a specific variable in the middle of the table" -- I'm stumped over this one -- what "listings" -- again, seeing your actual TABULATE code might help here. What do you mean by the "middle of the table"? Do you want to alter the justification of the data cells or do you have multiple TABLE statements in one TABULATE job and want all the tables to be justified the same? There may not be just one keyword or code option to do what you want to do -- assuming that we understand what it is you want to do.

  Also, what is your destination of interest? LISTING window or output? HTML, RTF, PDF -- many TABULATE options that work in the LISTING destination do not work for other ODS destinations.

  If you cannot or are not in a position to post some sample data and your TABULATE code, then you might want to work with Tech Support, as they can look at ALL your code and ALL your data and help you come to the best resolution of your question.


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