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Proc Survey Select and Mirroring 2 Datasets

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Proc Survey Select and Mirroring 2 Datasets

I am not experienced enough to code a SAS query that will mirror 2 datasets with similar characteristics. So I came on here, hoping to get some help!

My objective is to mirror a dataset from a specific time period (2007Quarter3) to another dataset from 2008Quarter1. By mirroring, I mean possibly filtering and excising certain observations from the 2007Q3 set in order to achieve the same (or almost the same) characteristics as 2008Q1.

My thought process was to obtain a random sample from 2008Q1 using Proc SurveySelect with a large enough sample size. Then I hope write a code that tells SAS to find a near-match of each observation in the random sample (2008Q1) to the whole dataset from 2007Q3.

I would like to know if this is possibly the best process and if there's a better solution. I have no idea what procedures to utilize when conducting the matching process.

Thanks so much for everyone's input and help.
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