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Proc Survey Select - Stratified Random Sampling

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Proc Survey Select - Stratified Random Sampling

Good afternoon.


I'm hoping someone out there can help me with proc surveyselect. I have a dataset of multiple locations and within each location are multiple caseloads. What I need is to randomly select 1 case from each caseload to a maximum selection of 11 per audit location. If there are more caseloads than 11 in the audit location I just want a random selection of 11 even if that means not selecting a case from one caseload. If there are less than 11 caseloads for a location I need as many cases from each caseload to get to 11. I've read the documentation and read over the boards and some answers can just about get me there but not quite.


I am using Enterprise Guide version 7.15 HF2


Thank you for any help you can provide.


Here's one of the many iterations I've tried and a file attachment for practice


proc surveyselect data = have01


n = 1

out = want01

sampsize = 11



/* method=sys*/

/* n=11;*/

/* control caseload;*/

strata audit_location caseload ;



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