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Proc Survefreq-using weighted frequencies from 2 separate surveys

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Proc Survefreq-using weighted frequencies from 2 separate surveys

Hi everyone-

I have two datasets in which I need to use proc surveyfreq for
analysis. From one dataset, I want to use the row prevalence (and
confidence intervals) from the weighted frequency from the cross tab
and apply it to the weighted frequency of another cross tab (same
variables) from another dataset. I cannot figure out the coding to do
so. I believe I need to output new datasets and then merge them.

Here is an example of what I am looking for:

From one dataset-looking for disease prevalence:

Proc surveyfreq data=set1;
tables age*gender*race*income*dis/row cl;
weight wt1;

This will give me the percentage (and CI) of diseased within each
cross tab.

From another dataset-looking for group to apply disease percentage:

Proc surveufreq data=set2;
tables area*age*gender*race*income/row cl;
weight wt2;

This will give me the cross tab with weighted frequency of the number
of people within each area of interest. This is what I want to apply
the disease prevalence (and CI) to.

My hope is to be able to present the final data as the number of
diseased by age, gender, race and income for each respective area.

Any help would be tremendous.

Thanks to everyone in advance.
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