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Proc Sql - How tables can create

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Proc Sql - How tables can create

Hi all,

i have one doubt, within single block of sql -  how many tables we can create?

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Re: Proc Sql - How tables can create

try to reach the limit.

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Re: Proc Sql - How tables can create

Well, I could be wrong here as haven't pushed the boundaries, but from memory you can put many sql create table statements (just tested creating 500 tables no probs), into one SQL step.  Couldn't get a limit there.  However I have run into difficulties when combining - e.g. merging/using as lookup, lots of tables - i.e. > 20 in one sql step.  (So select * from A left join B left join C etc.).  So yes, just test it (and if you hit a boundary ask yourself are you coding it in the best way). 

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