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Proc Soap empty response xml

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Proc Soap empty response xml

Hello Everyone,


I'm having difficulty in getting a populated response xml from SOAP.  Here is my code.  Note - it works perfectly for posting to the webservices i am using - I just get an empty response xml.  There actually is information being sent, it is just not being captured the way I have spelled things out here.  My code is as follows:


FILENAME request 'd:\users\sasguy\soap\testfile1.xml';
FILENAME response 'd:\users\sasguy\soap\response.xml';

%let response=response;

proc soap in=REQUEST
out= response


Please let me know what I should change in order to get the response xml populated with the proper message.  The response that is being received when I use non-sas tools to post the same information is:  


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<GenericSubmitAppResponse xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">



            <Message>Id:1724372, Name:'addpobox', Value:''</Message>



            <Message>Source system code does not exist.</Message>



            <Message>Must enter DOB for primary applicant</Message>




    <ApplicationNumber xsi:nil="true" />




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