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Proc Mixed question

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Proc Mixed question

I am a little new to mixed models and proc mixed and was hoping someone could tell me if I am coding my Proc Mixed statement correctly. It converges and the results appear reasonable, but I would greatly appreciate input from someone a little more versed on the subject

Here is the intercepts only model

Yij = Y00 + Y10(gradeband)+ Y20(Ethnic) Y01(SES) + Y11gradeband (SES) (Ethnic) + uoj + rij

Gradeband is a level 1 variable that can take one of three values: 0 1 or 2
Ethinc is a dichotomous level-1 variable: Hispanic or non-Hispanic
SES is dichotomous level 2 variable: lowSESschool or highSESschool

schoolcode is just the identifier variable for the individual schools. Students are nested within schools (obviously)

Here is the Proc Mixed Statement

proc mixed data=schooldata covtest;
class schoolcode gradeband ethnic SES ;
model testscore = gradeband ethnic SES gradeband*ethnic*SES/solution
random intercept /type=un sub=ethnic(schoolcode);

Does this proc mixed statement look right given what I am trying to do? Thanks.
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