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Proc Insight Running Error / DEBUG

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Proc Insight Running Error / DEBUG

hello All,

I am getting message that I could not enetr new command as the PROC insight is runnning. What change should i make in the code below so that I can avoid this problem.

/*Scatter plot for Score against the 5 predictor variables*/
proc insight;
scatter Score GHz Processor Disk Video Battery*
Score GHz Processor Disk Video Battery;

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Re: Proc Insight Running Error / DEBUG

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This documentation says:
It is best to invoke SAS/INSIGHT software from the command line or from the Solutions menu. This enables you to use SAS/INSIGHT software simultaneously with other components in the SAS System. If you invoke it as a procedure, you cannot use any other SAS component until you exit SAS/INSIGHT.

It was my understanding that the QUIT; statement would cause your statements to execute and then would terminate the INSIGHT software, as described here:

Perhaps you have some other kind of error that is making your PROC INSIGHT statements invalid and somehow leave the INSIGHT environment still open.

The documentation for the SCATTER statement says:
Use at least one Y variable, followed by an asterisk, followed by at least one X variable. Use multiple Y and X variables to create a scatter plot matrix. For example, you might use

scatter a b c * a b c;
to create a 3×3 scatter plot matrix for the variables a, b, and c.

it seems from your example that you want a 6x6 scatter plot matrix??? You might wish to read the SAS/Insight documentation. Chapter 41 seems to be the chapter that discusses procedure syntax. Although the documentation also implies that the interactive mode might be a better way to use SAS/Insight. This web site has some good tips on using SAS/Insight:

If you are using SAS/Insight as part of class, you may want to ask your professor or teaching assistant for help using SAS/Insight in your environment.

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