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Proc Geocode Score value

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Proc Geocode Score value

I'm using proc geocode to geocode many addresses.  I have one example where the address says it's a street and zip match, but the M_ADDR value is nothing like the address passed in.  I get a score of 15 for that geocode.  In this case I can't use this data because the X Y values point to the matched address not the original address passed in.  What score or what way can I avoid using the incorrect matched address values?


Here is my geocode:

proc geocode
method = street
addressvar = r_addr
addresscityvar = r_city
addressstatevar = r_state
addresszipvar = r_zip
data = addr_raw
out = addr_geocoded
attribute_var = (COUNTYFP, TRACT, BLKGRP, BLOCK)
lookupstreet = geodata.USM
run ;
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Re: Proc Geocode Score value

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All I can suggest is to examine your data and that result very carefully (Google Map or similar may be helpful). I do know that when I went to close on the purchase of my house that we had different records for the property with three different addresses depending on the source. If it is a corner lot you may be getting the address from an intersecting street.



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Re: Proc Geocode Score value



Thank you for your reply.   Is there a way with proc geocode to make the match exact or just slightly different?


This process will need to run for over 80K obserevations and I have to make sure the latitude and longitude point to the original address.



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