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Proc Export: arranging output.

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Proc Export: arranging output.

How do I arrange/control columns when I use proc export? 

I'm thinking of something like a "var" statement in proc print. 

EG:  I have a vbl called AGE, and another called AgeGrouped;  when using export Age goes to Col B and AgeGrouped goes to Col F.  I want to have them together to give to client, for his use..

Similar/related question:  is there a way to arrange columns in a SAS dataset?  If I could arrange things there then proc export might do what i want.

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Re: Proc Export: arranging output.

Ordering the variables in a SAS data set requires understanding the Program Data Vector.  Read this chapter and see if that solves your problem:

SAS(R) 9.2 Language Reference: Concepts, Second Edition

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Re: Proc Export: arranging output.

'Retain' will change the column order. The Proc Export column order from the origional dataset is: name | Emp_Id | dept

After altering the datset using Retain, The Proc Export column order is: name | dept | Emp_Id

data people;

input name $ Emp_Id dept $;


Timothy 225 Finance

Mark 301 Risk

Matt 249 IT



  * Change column order ;

Data people ;

Retain name dept Emp_Id;

Set people;


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Re: Proc Export: arranging output.

Alternaitvely, don't use proc export as you are basically letting some code guess what you want as output.  There are other options out there:

- tagsets.excelxp + proc report - good for most uses.

- datastep to csv - Excel can read an interpret, flat text file so portable, virtually everything can read it.

- XML - your own particular XML creation, from datastep

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Re: Proc Export: arranging output.

And what's wrong with Proc print using NOOBS option?

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