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Proc Discrim

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Proc Discrim

Hello, I using proc discrim for classification purposes.
When I use method= normal, proc discrim give the classification function (also know as Fisher´s linear discriminant function), and then I can classify new observations into the groups in a paper and pencil way (not need used software to do this).

But when I used method = NPAR (non-parametric) SAS don´t give the fisher function, and it used Kernel or K-Nearest Neighbor, and the I to classify new observations I need to rerun the proc discrim again with the testdata option.

My doubt is: is there other way (manually) to classify news observations using non-parametric method? If so, what is?

I am using NPAR because it result better predictive results than normal.


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Re: Proc Discrim

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Hi Edmundo,

It has been almost 5 years since you posted this question. Have you found the solution? I am right now having the same problem

Thank you.

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