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Proc DataSets on Server Data

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Proc DataSets on Server Data


I just learned about the power of proc datasets and was wondering what would happen if I used this procedure on data stored on a SQL server. Does it affect the way the data is stored there? Right now I'm dumping the data into a dummy data set before modifying it's attributes. I'm just concerned, that if I use this procedure on data without creating the dummy data set, I might have people screaming at me about making changes to the formats of their data.


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Re: Proc DataSets on Server Data

The sas/access interface is attempting to make the behavior of an external dbms and sas datasets transparant. Yes the "proc datasets" will do some tricks like "delete a:" .

You must have del data definition language access.

Can you do all tricks of "proc datasets" NO.

That is because the proc datasets was designed for sas datasets and the audit trail gig concepts are not existent with an external dbms.

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