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Proc Compare Question

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Proc Compare Question

Hello everyone,

When I campare 2 datasets can I output the different observations only? I dont need to see all of the observations that are equal to each other.
Here is the code I use but it's printing every row..

proc compare base=doc1 comp=doc2d nosummary out=xx outdif;
var impressions;

Thanks for any input!
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Re: Proc Compare Question

Hi kevin,

There are certain ways are thr . can you come up with sample data ..
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Re: Proc Compare Question

First make sure that the two sets are sorted the same.

You may also want to set a FUZZ value of something like 0.000001.
I've had lots of cases comparing aggregated data back to an original data set where the differences were in the 1E-13 range and PROC COMPARE will set tell you they are all different. So either FUZZ or round values may help.
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