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Proc Access

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Proc Access

Trying to connect to DDB aka. Datacom tables.

I've read and searched, and searched and read, but I can't find where it tells you how to provide it with the connection information. The documentation states that this type of data cannot be connected to using the normal Libname statement. Below is the sample from the docs on how to connect, but where does the path information go?


Thank you for your help.

proc access dbms=Datacom;
create mylib.custs.access;
assign = yes;
drop contact;
list all;
extend all;
rename customer = custnum telephone = phone
streetaddress = street;
format firstorderdate = date7.;
informat firstorderdate = date7.;
content firstorderdate = yymmdd6.;
list all;

create vlib.usacust.view;
select customer state zipcode name
list view;
extend view;

subset where customer eq 1#;
subset sort firstorderdate;
list view;

create vlib.custadd.view;
select state zipcode country name city;
list view;

list all;

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Re: Proc Access

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SAS support website has SAS/ACCESS (9.2) DOC for CA-Datacom - here is the link I found doing a Google advanced search against the SAS.COM website. From the DOC, I noticed a DATABASE statement, for example, with one of your questions.

SAS/ACCESS(R) 9.2 Interface to CA-Datacom/DB: Reference

Scott Barry
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Re: Proc Access

Thanks for the reply.

That's some of the documentation I had been looking at.

I was hoping for a coded sample in the docs that fit my need.

I'm always terrible at translating the sample syntax.

Looks like I'll have to experiment with it.

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