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Problems With Creating URLs in Proc Report

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Problems With Creating URLs in Proc Report

Hi all,

I am trying to create a hyperlink to Google Maps for my addresses that I'm outputting to Excel via the ExcelXP tagset. The first part of the link turns up ie the part but not the northing and eastings. I've googled the problem but can not find the answer, can someone please help?

    proc report data = address_history nowd ;

        column party_id address startdt enddt latlong_northing latlong_easting ;

        define party_id / 'Client ID'  ;

        define address / 'Address' group ;

        define startdt / 'Start' format = ddmmyy10.  ;

        define enddt / 'End' format = ddmmyy10.  ;

        define latlong_northing / group noprint ;

        define latlong_easting / group noprint ;

        compute address ;

            urlstring = cats('',latlong_northing,',',latlong_easting) ;

        call define(_COL_, 'URL', urlstring);


    run ;

Many thanks in advance



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Re: Problems With Creating URLs in Proc Report

Dont worry, I figured it out. Proc Report builds from left to right so moving the northings and eastings to the left of address in the column statement fixed the problem.

That's a very easy solution to a problem I spent a very long time trying to solve!

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