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Problem with importing data

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Problem with importing data

I have a macro that imports data from SQL using ODBC

proc sql noprint;
DROP TABLE tb_contas;
create table tb_contas
select * from SQLX.tb_contas;

this works well but I found a problem with big values

SQL table tb_contas there is a column x decimal(19.0)
on column x there is a value 844306657506657506

but when a search for that value on SAS tb_contas the result is the value 844306657506657536

I've been tried to create a table before that with format statemet (format=20.)
and execute a insert but the result is the same..

anybody know what is happen??


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Re: Problem with importing data


You've got a problem with round-off errors. SAS stores numbers as real numbers, so there is a maximum integer size that it can exactly represent.

The maximum varies by platform, so you will need to go to the SAS documentation for your platform to look it up.

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Re: Problem with importing data

such wide integers need to be converted, either to character strings of appropriate length, or into two numeric variables. I expect the conversion needs to be completed on the data base platform, before ODBC tries to transfer the values.
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Re: Problem with importing data

Thank for the answers
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Re: Problem with importing data

I would second this, we have noticed that the same large integer number coming from two different ODBC sources; DB2 and SQL Server get scrambled up differently.

Highly suggest doing as Peter mentioned and convert at the base platform first!

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