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Problem in Enterprise Guide

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Problem in Enterprise Guide


Am Experiencing problem with, While Creating Stored Process in Enterprise Guide
Displaying Error as Connection to the server “SAS Main” could not be established.

But in the Status line showing as connected to Entibisrv: 8561/Foundation

Thanks In Advance.

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Re: Problem in Enterprise Guide

This looks like one for Tech Support.
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Re: Problem in Enterprise Guide

Hi venkatesh,

If you are registered the specific target in SMC for Stored process, it should be matches when u r creating the SP in EG, if not it will give the same error.

2) other wise, the entier sas Main connection collapsed then also you can get the same probelm

3) Open EG and Look at the connection with server, for this click on the bottom side on repostiroy symbol, you will get sas main window, go for the test connection, if here you will get the probelm, then the problem is with the SASMAIN server in SMC.

So check the things, and let me know......

Thanks & Regards
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Re: Problem in Enterprise Guide

Hi Rajesh.,

Thanks for your Replay....

i done with test connection, its successful.

as per my opinion problem with specific target in SMC. can u provide a clear cut idea regarding this. And no one is there to handle SMC in my team i have to handle the problem.

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Re: Problem in Enterprise Guide

I Resolved with Hot Fix.
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