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Plotting rstudent v regressors SAS university edition

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Plotting rstudent v regressors SAS university edition

Hi all

I am learning SAS Studio (University edition) as we plan on using this to teach our Multiple regression course this year instead of SAS 9.3 or 4

I am trying to produce plot/s of rstudent v the regressors.

Here is an example of how I would have done this with my 'normal' SAS software.

PROC REG DATA=dataset ;

   MODEL outcome = var1 var2 / R;

   PLOT rstudent.*(var1 var2 predicted.);


This would have produced three plots all with rstudent on y axis.

In SAS studio I can get the rstudent by predicted without issue as it is a standard component of the diagnostic plots (also I can code Plots = rstudentbypredicted if I wanted a bigger one).

The only plots I can get for Var1 and Var2 are for plain residuals and I can't seem to find any code for rstudent by regressor/s

Can anyone help please?



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