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Plotting regression results from PROC SURVEYREG

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Plotting regression results from PROC SURVEYREG

I can't seem to find any documentation on how to plot regression results from PROC SURVEYREG.  Here's my code:

proc surveyreg data = datafile;

weight perwt;

strata varstr;

cluster varpsu;

class agegroup;

model usc = age agegroup /solution;


Any ideas?  Thanks.

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Plotting regression results from PROC SURVEYREG

The standard graphics associated with SURVEYREG require an ESTIMATE, LSMEANS, LSMESTIMATE or SLICE statement.  You can get these by adding on ODS graphics on; statement prior to invoking surveyreg (include an ODS graphics off; after it for neatness), and adding the appropriate statement to proc surveyreg.  For regression type variables (estimated linear predictors and their standard errors, residuals, confidence bounds), use the OUTPUT out=SAS-data-set statement.  You can then use this dataset with any of the graphics procs that give what you need--SGPLOT and SGPANEL kind of come to mind.

Steve Denham

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