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Password contains invalid option name ":"

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Password contains invalid option name ":"

While using the proc sql statement to connect the sas to oracle,it is needed to enter the user id and password.My question is the password contains the symbol ":" and I get the error "Invalid option name :" Is there any way to work around this?

eg: proc sql;
connect to oracle (user= password= path=);
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Re: Password contains invalid option name ":"

Isn't the password in quotes? So why should a column cause problems?

What you always can do is encoding your password.

proc pwencode in='mypw';

And then copy from the log the encoded pw, i.e:

connect to oracle (user= password='{sas001}bXlwdw==' path=);
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Re: Password contains invalid option name ":"

From your post, it is unclear whether you attempted entering the password in single-quotes? Also, it's always best to post the exact SAS log output (COPY/PASTE) with the error message and also the command syntax echoed in the log, rather than attempting some other example which may not be exact. With the specific log output and associated SAS messages (as generated), the feedback you receive from the forum subscribers may be more accurate, rather than making any presumption.

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