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Passing the column name from Col List Box

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Passing the column name from Col List Box


I am having trouble with the script below due to bad argument. I wish to seek some advice.

How to i pass the selected column name from Col List Box? The Output column shall consist of a string which concatenate both (a) text from selected column and (b) one if conditional statement.

The script:

newdlg = new window( <<size (800, 800), <<Modal(), "Checker", Line up box (ncol(2), spacing (10),

  Panel box ("Age", vlist box(  text box ("Please enter Age lower limit"), age_Lsl = Number Edit box (60))),

  Panel box ("Location Selection", vlist box ( text box ("Please select the column."), Loco_ID = Col list box (all),

       hlist box (Button box ("OK", ok_button = 1, newdlg << close windowSmiley Wink,

           Button box ("Cancel", ok_button = 0, newdlg << close windowSmiley Wink)



age_Lsl_text = ageI_Lsl << get;

loco_ID_text = (loco_ID << get selected);

show (age_Lsl_text);

show (loco_ID_text);

if (ok_button, New column("Output", Character, Nominal, formula

  ( column (Loco_ID_text) <---(how to make into :loco_ID_text )    ||"_"|| if(:Age >= age_Lsl_text,"Age Passed", "Age Out")));


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