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Parameter Estimates Output after PROC STEPWISE

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Parameter Estimates Output after PROC STEPWISE

Hi everyone,

Does somebody know how can I output the estimates that I obtained from PROC STEPWISE? I've tried the ODS (ods output parameterestimates=) but it gives me back a plain response that "Output 'parameterestimates' was not created".

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Parameter Estimates Output after PROC STEPWISE

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When it gives you this message, does the output you want get written to the OUTPUT (Listing) window?
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Re: Parameter Estimates Output after PROC STEPWISE

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Re: Parameter Estimates Output after PROC STEPWISE

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Have you used ODS TRACE ON/OFF to reveal EXACTLY the name of the output objects being created??? Even though the object may be named Parameter Estimate in the output, the output object name could be slightly different.

If you would try:
. . . your procedure code . . .

what you see in the SAS log are the names of all the output objects created for that particular run of your procedure. When you run the procedure, remember to use all the options that you would normally use to generate your output with the Parameter Estimates output.

I am not familiar with PROC STEPWISE, but I can duplicate your error message with PROC REG, for example, by incorrectly putting quotes around the simple object name. If you quote your selection, that means you want to select based on the LABEL or LABEL PATH -- in which case, the name of the object is 'Parameter Estimates' for PROC REG (with a space in the object LABEL). Otherwise, no quotes are needed to use the simple name of ParameterEstimates (for PROC REG). Using a partial LABEL PATH, the correct quoted string for ODS OUTPUT (for PROC REG) would be
ods output 'Parameter Estimates'=work.pe3;

Compare the two different PROC REG steps shown in the LOG output below. For space purposes all the ODS TRACE info was removed for everything except the ParameterEstimates trace info.

15 ods listing;
16 ods trace on /label;
17 ods output 'parameterestimates'=work.pe1;
18 proc reg data=sashelp.class;
19 model age=weight;
20 run;

Output Added:
Name: ParameterEstimates
Label: Parameter Estimates
Template: Stat.REG.ParameterEstimates
Path: Reg.MODEL1.Fit.Age.ParameterEstimates
Label Path: 'The Reg Procedure'.'MODEL1'.'Fit'.Age.'Parameter Estimates'
21 quit;

WARNING: Output ''parameterestimates'' was not created. Make sure that the output object name, label, or path is
spelled correctly. Also, verify that the appropriate procedure options are used to produce the requested
output object. For example, verify that the NOPRINT option is not used.
NOTE: PROCEDURE REG used (Total process time):
real time 0.04 seconds
cpu time 0.04 seconds

22 ods trace off;
24 ods output parameterestimates=work.pe2;
25 proc reg data=sashelp.class;
26 model age=weight;
27 run;

NOTE: The data set WORK.PE2 has 2 observations and 8 variables.
28 quit;

NOTE: PROCEDURE REG used (Total process time):
real time 0.07 seconds
cpu time 0.07 seconds

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