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PRoc Report: Break /skip issue..

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PRoc Report: Break /skip issue..

Hello community ,

I have a problem,

I am creating a report and am attempting to use the Break function..
here is my code:

title1 'Fall 2010 to fall 2009 Comparison Report';

proc report data=Work.append_table nowd;
column new_returning student_type report_Date,type_count;
define new_returning / group 'Registration Type';
define type_count / analysis '__________';
define student_type /group 'Student Type';
define Report_Date /across format=date9. 'Report Date';
break after new_returning /summarize suppress skip; PROBLEM

Problem, the arguments summarize and suppress function accordingly here but skip fails to insert a blank row.

I have even attempted the following:

break after new_returning /skip;

with no success. I am using EG 4.1 and this is a code block in my project.
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Re: PRoc Report: Break /skip issue..

By default, Enterprise Guide uses ODS HTML to show you results. The SKIP option, however, does not work for ODS HTML. It is one of a set options that are LISTING-only (SKIP, DOL, DUL, OL, UL, HEADLINE, HEADSKIP, FLOW, PANELS, SPACE, WIDTH, etc) and so, within the context of EG and the default HTML output from EG -- you may as well not use these options.

In addition to not using the SKIP option from inside EG, you may find that your line of underscores does not product the output you want.

To insert a blank line between logical groups of observations, use a COMPUTE block:
break after new_returning /summarize suppress;
compute after new_returning;
line ' ';

Other PROC REPORT options are also LISTING options, such as BOX, COLWIDTH, FORMCHAR, SPACING, PSPACE and DEFINE and BREAK statement options such as: FLOW, WIDTH, DOL, DUL, OL, UL, For more information about the fact that these LISTING-only options do not work with other ODS destinations, see this Tech Support note:
and this "workaround" example code for how to simulate some of the options (mostly using CSS style properties):

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Re: PRoc Report: Break /skip issue..

Thank you.
I am using Carpenters Complete guide to SAS PROC Reporting it does not explains this issue to new users.

The only environment i have to work in is EG.

THanks again for the information.
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Re: PRoc Report: Break /skip issue..

That is an excellent PROC REPORT resource. I believe that when Art talks about ODS, he does eventually mention that some options are LISTING only options. The consequences of this behavior might not be immediately apparent to Enterprise Guide users, however, since Enterprise Guide "hides" all ODS code from EG users.

I'm glad I was able to clarify the issue for you.

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