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PROC SQL is too slow!

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PROC SQL is too slow!

Hi everyone,

I'm reading and writing values to a table using the PROC SQL procedure and it is much slower than I had hoped. I'm using code like the following:

*read a value into a variable;
proc sql;
SELECT var1 INTO :check FROM table1 WHERE row = 7;

*write a value to a table;
proc sql;
UPDATE table1 SET var1 = 8 WHERE row = 10;

Each of these is taking around 0.5s to execute. Am I doing this wrong? Is there a more efficient way to read/write like this? Should I read the tables into memory using something like SASFILE for faster access? PROC SQL is pretty new to me so I'm open to all suggestions.

I'm running EG4.1 on XP.


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Re: PROC SQL is too slow!

No sure what you want to achieve, so my reply will be incomplete, but here are a few starting points:
- are the datasets indexed by variable ROW?
- calling proc sql over and over is slower than calling it once and then doing all the SELECTs or UPDATEs
- yes, sasfile might help, you should test it.

To step back a bit though, it is much slower to update tables one value at a time than to update in bulk by joining, so try and see if you can modify the logic to work in bulk.
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