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PROC QLIM, SAS Web example code doesn't work

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PROC QLIM, SAS Web example code doesn't work

I am following the ETS/WEB example to calculate marginal effects for a probit model estimated with PROC QLIM. It is found here:

I cut and pasted the code with data as posted on the SAS site, ran it, and didn't get the predicted values that the web page gives. Specifically, the code:

proc print data=outme2(firstobs=33);

should print out predicted probabilities for the 33rd and 34th row of data, but they are missing. This is what I get:

Obs gpa tuce psi grade Meff_P1_gpa Meff_P2_gpa Meff_P1_tuce Meff_P2_tuce Meff_P1_psi Meff_P2_psi Prob1_grade Prob2_grade
33 3.117 21.938 1 . . . . . . . . .
34 3.117 21.938 0 . . . . . . . . .

it doesn't work as written. is any info on this available? thank you
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Re: PROC QLIM, SAS Web example code doesn't work

You may need to check your log. When I ran the copied code, I got a missing value for grade, but all the predicted probabilities were present.

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