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I am Wan from UNiversiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia. I am currently pursuing my Master study by research which need me to conduct my research analysis by using SAS PROC MIXED to solve my dyadic data which I collected for my research. Together with this email, I have attach a copy of my project framework for reference. Basically, I am having two sets of questionnaires for respondents which set 1 for the manager and set 2 is for the employees. So, the manager will be answering all the variables in the level-2, meanwhile, the employees will be answering all the variables in level-1. Therefore, the Transformational leadership theory will be access by two different parties from the two different point of view. as so, it is one of the dyadic data type, right?

Recently, I had started to understand and learning how to analyze the data but I really really have no idea what and where has gone wrong in my SAS coding under Model: 2b and Model 3. I had also try my very best to consult all the top statistic people in my university and in my country, unlucky, I couldn't find out  I sincierly seeking for anyone out there who able to guide me and provides me with helpful advice(s) in contributing to my research progress. I would also like to ask for your full name for those who able to help me all the way to place your full name in my thesis acknowledgement page later when my thesis is completed.

Please kindly refer to the attach files.

Finally, I would like to ask for any one who have knowledge om SAS macro on how to edit the MACRO_DX to run the analysis diagnostic test for multilevel data by using the codes written by the authors.

Thank you.

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