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PROC MIXED: Save random coefficients to a dataset

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PROC MIXED: Save random coefficients to a dataset


It seems that with the option / SOLUTION in the RANDOM statement of PROC MIXED, I can create a table of estimated random coefficients, which I need. I have two questions:


1. How do I, if I can, save them as a dataset? 


2. What do the results represent? Are they the estimated coefficients themselves or are they deviations from the mean (the fixed coefficient)? If they are deviations, how do I get the actual coefficient? Is it, for example, FIXED COEFFICIENT - DEVIATION, FIXED COEFFICIENT + DEVIATION, ...?





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Re: PROC MIXED: Save random coefficients to a dataset

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A little quick digging through the reference for the RANDOM statement:


1. ods output solutionr=solutionr; will put the values into a dataset

2. The results are EBLUPS for the random effects. A good way to think of them is as residuals of the fixed effects (y minus X * beta hat) times (G hat *Z prime *V hat-inverse), so they are scaled by a quadratic form.


For a quick review, look at Mixed Models Theory in the Details section of the MIXED documentation.


Steve Denham

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