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PROC Import specificities excel file

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PROC Import specificities excel file

Hi all,


I'm trying to import some specific type of Excel file into SAS 9.4.

Specific because nothing is done very easily and I can't ask the provider of the file to change it :-/


Let say that my Excel file has a number of column equals to "columnnumber", and number of rows equals to "rownumber"


What I know:

- columnnumber can change from one file to each other, but always > 10

- rownumber can change from one file to each other

- the data fields name are on row 2, from column 2 to 10.

- the data I need to import is just below the data fields name (so it begins on row 3, from column 2 to 10)

- the data ending row can change and there can be a lot of false rows at the end of the excel file with nonsense things written or blanks.... The only thing I know: I need to stop recording on the first blank cell on column 2.


Do you know how I can do it?



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Re: PROC Import specificities excel file

You can use the idea noted here:


You may need to clean up the file after the import - if the trailing records get read in. First get the data in and then You can use the following:


Data want;

set have;


RETAIN flag 0;

if missing(column2) then flag=1;

if flag=1 then delete;



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