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PROC GEE- creating categorical interaction term

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PROC GEE- creating categorical interaction term


I am using SAS 9.4 to run a model using PROC GEE with a multinomial outcome (3-levels), binary and continous independent variables, and repeated measures. I have a significant interaction term between two categorical variables.


Typically I would use the estimate or lsmeans statement to calculate the odds ratios for the possible combinations, however these options are not available with PROC GEE.


How can I generate the standard errors/confidence limits for each of the combinations of the interaction term? Is there another way to code my interaction term?


PROC GEE data=dataset descending;
class  var1 var2 var3 ID/Ref=first; 
model outcome= time var1 var2 var3 var2*var3 / dist=multinomial link=glogit; 
repeated subject=ID /Type=ind; 
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Re: PROC GEE- creating categorical interaction term

LSMEANS are available in my version of PROC GEE (SAS/STAT14.1), so the most hopeful thing I can think of is to upgrade your installation.


Steve Denham

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