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PROC FREQ data setup

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PROC FREQ data setup

I have some data that I need to run a chi-square test on that seems to take a long time to set up. Here is an example of some data that is similar to mine:

Question: What month do you fish the most?

MAR 20
APR 35
MAY 34
JUN 55
JUL 58
AUG 78
SEP 65
OCT 55
NOV 32

Each number represents the number of respondents that indicated that month was the month they fished the most. I'll run a goodness of fit test on this and get a low p-value indicating the number of responses is not equally distributed among months. Well, that's kind of obvious although it's good to have the results indicating so. What I really need to do is compare the responses month by month to see where the differences occur. Previously I would spend a long time preparing data to run tons and tons of goodness of fit tests to compare the response frequencies of each month to one another. I would do this by creating columns for just comparing January to February, then columns to compare just January to March, then columns to compare just January to April, and so on until the response frequencies of each month were tested against an equal distribution null hypothesis. This takes hours to do, and I have a lot of tests similar to this. My question is; is there an option in SAS to automate this process, or at least an easier way to set up the data? I've searched all over for an answer to this and have not succeeded in finding one yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated and save me days of work.
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