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PROC Compare btwn SAS ds and Teradata Table

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PROC Compare btwn SAS ds and Teradata Table

I spent all night loading a teradata table from a SAS dataset (approx 344K records in ds) but only 332K on the table (soo close) but had to kill the process to get to the office.

I am new to SAS (last couple of days) so I am still getting up to speed with the syntax but I was wondering if I could run a PROC Compare between the two (I have libnames for both) and then capture the delta in another SAS Dataset?

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Re: PROC Compare btwn SAS ds and Teradata Table

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Check you logs.  Teradata tools like FASTLOAD will eliminate duplicate records, but it should report that in the log.

You might check your SAS data for duplicate rows.  Or it is possible that the variables in your TD table have transformed one or more variables and caused records to appear to be duplicates.

You can use PROC COMPARE , but it will mean that SAS will have to pull all 344K records out of TD to compare.

Might be easier to summarize on key variables (patient id, date, etc) and compare the summaries to see if there is a pattern to the loss.

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