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I installed SAS and can run the program.

When I type code however, an error message comes up that says

"A connection to the server "Local" could not be established"

Local is the only option for a server.

When I click to view more information on the issue, this is what shows up:

Class not registered

------------------------------ Technical Information Follows ------------------------------

Class not registered


>> Class not registered
>> ---------------------------------------------------->>
>> at SASObjectManager.ObjectFactoryClass.CreateObjectByServer(String Name, Boolean synchronous, ServerDef pIServerDef, String LoginName, String Password)
at SAS.EG.SDS.Model.Server.Connect(ConnectionInfo connInfo, SDSException& sdsEx)Class not registered

------------------------------ End of Technical Information ------------------------------

I desperately need help fixing this!
Please help
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Some basic questions:
1) what SAS version? what SAS components were selected? Are you running SAS local (on your system) as a client machine?
2) what OS and do you have admin authority? and are you running a stable computing environment?
3) were there any warning or diagnostic messages during the install? any problems at all?
4) how do you intend to use SAS on this system?
5) share the SAS code you attempted to execute when you get the errors.

You will most likely want to contact SAS tech support to open a track and get sufficient staff resources to help debug your problem -- presuming you have already done so with your own site's SAS admin, correct?

Scott Barry
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(1) SAS Learning Edition. Not sure what you mean. Not sure.
(2) Vista x64 and yes.
(3) The software installed without any issues.
(4) I'm a student at university and am trying to do my work.
(5) It happens with any bit of code, even the most basic.

I have attempted to contact SAS Support but have not yet received a response. I was hoping that someone in the community could help me out. I'm technologically handicapped. I am extremely ill with Lyme disease and am studying remotely which means it is nearly impossible to get help (or go to the school's lab, etc.). It is imperative that I get this functioning. My boyfriend is techno savvy but is unfamiliar with this program (and lives in another state so he has been logging in remotely to troubleshoot).

Any troubleshooting steps you can provide will be much appreciated! If I can't figure this out then I will have to drop the class and won't graduate Smiley Sad
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It looks like you are running the code in SAS Enterprise Guide. You should verify that SAS Base is working properly.
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SAS Learning Edition (LE) is not supported on Vista. There are also separate versions of SAS for the x64 environment, so that could be the problem too.

Because LE has limited tech support from SAS, you will likely have to work with your university tech support people to get this solved.

FYI, LE is actually two products, Enterprise Guide 4.1 and SAS 9.1.3. EGuide is the client GUI and SAS 9.1.3 is the server, even though they are on the same machine. "can run the program" tells me that EGuide is running, but the error says it cannot communicate with the back-end server.
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If the Learning Edition is installed correctly, you should find the SAS executable:

somewhere on your system. If you double click that .EXE file, it should launch an interactive SAS session. If you try to launch SAS interactively using the SAS.EXE program and SAS will not launch, there are several possibilities, which are outlined here: (contains some instructions for how to send info to Tech Support for certain connection problems with the LE)

And some links to general LE infomation: (says the LE is not supported on Vista)

Working with your university Tech Support will be a good idea, there were various releases of the Learning Edition and some of them expired. The only current version of the Learning Edition has an expiration date in 2011 -- but if you got an earlier CD with an earlier expiration date, it is possible that you just need to get an LE CD with a later expiration date or you may need to use the LE on a non-Vista computer.

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