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PATH diagrams to support SEM

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PATH diagrams to support SEM

gIt is apparent that PROC CALIS does not provide a means to generate path diagrams related to structural equation models. This makes collaboration between research groups difficult because it is hard to communicate model specifications and makes reporting tedious. Is anyone aware of a SAS macro that will convert PATH statements to diagrams? Or, can anyone suggest an additional piece of software that will make it much easier and quicker to consstruct these diagrams to supplement analysis in SAS? I think JMP has options but it is not an option for me to use at this time.


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Re: PATH diagrams to support SEM

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The option in JMP seems to have disappeared recently. But proc Calis in SAS version 9.4 (SAS/STAT 13.1) can now generate such diagrams with the PATHDIAGRAM statement. Unfortunately, the layout is computed automatically and the result will greatly depend on your structural model : sometimes it is really fine, sometimes not.

Hope that helps.

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