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Overlaying three years of data in a plot

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Overlaying three years of data in a plot

I have three series of data for the same variable for different years which I would like to overlay in a plot so that they can be compared. Series1 is a forecast from Jan09 through Dec09. Series2 is actual data from Jan08 through Dec08 and Series3 is actual data from Jan07 through Dec07. I think that it would be easiest to plot the individual series against month so that they can be overlayed using the same horizontal axis; however, using the month() function will result in a numeric variable 1 through 12 for the extracted months - is there anyway of formatting this variable so that it shows Jan, Feb, Mar,...Dec in the plot x-axis? Or is there a better way to do this that I am missing? You input would be appreciated.
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Re: Overlaying three years of data in a plot

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Just figured it out - I am going to use a custom format. Duh!
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