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Output vs Outfile= vs Out=

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Output vs Outfile= vs Out=

Hi there,

This may be very basic stuff indeed, but I'm afraid I'm a fresh faced SAS newbie, so please bear with me.....

What are the differences between the three commands below?
1) output
2) outfile=
3) out

Are they interchangable?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Output vs Outfile= vs Out=

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Generally, the options are specific to each procedure. Some procedures (such as PROC TABULATE and others use the OUT= option); other procedures (such as PROC MEANS and others) use the OUTPUT statement; yet other procedures might use the OUTFILE= option.

That is the nice thing about the documentation. Every procedure that creates output will show exactly what the correct syntax is for that procedure.

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Re: Output vs Outfile= vs Out=

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@ Cynthia@sas what you have suggest is correct and i am adding some more information

There are other use of this keywords as well

Output:- When we are using the keyword output in datastep it help to copy the data in dataset, According to the condition.

Outfile:- When we are using OUTFILE keyword in proc export a new excel file is created .

out:- llly When we are using OUT keyword in PROC UNIVARIATE creates an data set for each OUTPUT statement.

And thy can be used for other purpose also

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Re: Output vs Outfile= vs Out=

Thanks people.

Useful information from both of you.

Much appreciated.
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