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Oracle linked to SAS 9.1

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Oracle linked to SAS 9.1

Hi Guys,

My IT staff have me connected to an Oracle database and the data looks ok until I attempt to use dates. The problem is that the Oracle database stores the date as a date time variable and this is not recognised at some point. To work around this I used Proc SQL and the Trunc function (e.g. trunc(loggedintime,"MI")), which worked well to the minute, however I need to be able to view the seconds also. Has anyone experienced this in the past and have any idea on how to rectify this issue?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Oracle linked to SAS 9.1

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In order help, it would be appreciated if could be a bit more clear of "not recognized at some point" means. The Trunc function you mention, is that an Oracle function that you use in SQL-pass thru? What happend's if you try to access the table via LIBANME? If you get that to work, you will be able to use standard SAS function to extract seconds from the datetime column. Also be aware of that Oracle date columns will converted by default to datetime in SAS.

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