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Nothing happening when running code

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Nothing happening when running code

Does anyone else have this problem? Basically, sometimes when I write a macro and run the code, nothing happens. The log just writes the code you tried to execute in black but it's like SAS is disabled and you have to turn off SAS and turn it back on before it runs properly again. Is there a way around this without having to turn off and on sas.

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Re: Nothing happening when running code

You have some open string or definition, or an unclosed comment. SAS waits for this to "finish".

Inspect the code/log you submitted before this happened.

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Re: Nothing happening when running code

An additional possibility:  an unfinished macro definition (missing the %mend statement).  At any rate, here is a string you can submit that will close most (possibly all) of these types of problems without getting out of SAS:

*);*/;/*'*/ /*"*/; %MEND;run;quit;;;;;

Good luck.

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Re: Nothing happening when running code

Be very careful with comments as the macro processor doesn't like the *line of code; comments.

If you are using those change them to %* code; So the macro processor knows they are comments.

Also, as much as practical, start small and add pieces. If your think your data is too large for this to run due to length of processing then make a smaller data set with the key elements and just a few records or use the system option OBS to set a number of records to process.

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