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Need help in SAP for survey data(Using Logistic Regression)

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Need help in SAP for survey data(Using Logistic Regression)

Hi All

I am working on a data set in which subjects were interviewed 3 times, once before a lecture, second time after lecture , and third time after some presentation on same issue.

My outcome variable is binary. I have subject information on independent variable (Categorical) at all three times, which changes for time to time( such as some subjects change their opinion about some issue after lecture, and even more after presentation)

My question :-

I want to see which variables are significant at predicting the outcome and also comparison between three time points. I know that I need to do logistic regression, but I am not sure that doing three different regression( for all three time points)

is the best way to handle this issue. Also how can I compare the difference in three time points ( issue is outcome variable is Binary).

Thanks so much for your valuable time!!!

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