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Calcite | Level 5

When I try and do an N-Way ANOVA, i should be able to click on model, and select my factors, and select full factorial so I can also study the interaction effects. I called Sas support and said my package should be allowed to do this function. However, full factorial is greyed out. Any ideas why? I attached an image of what I see.

Diamond | Level 26 RW9
Diamond | Level 26

No image attached.  Also, mention what software you are using, what is this clicking on models?

Calcite | Level 5

I am using Sas studio. I am not sure why the image isn't uploading.

Calcite | Level 5

When I have my data entered, I select the shortcut "N-Way ANOVA", then I select my dependent and independent variables. Then I have 3 options above. "Data", "Model", "options". I click Model, and should be able to select my factors and choose full factorial and N-Way factorial. I can't choose either as they are greyed out. 

Community Manager

I'm assuming that you're using SAS Enterprise Guide or SAS Studio, where the tasks have a UI to help you to build the model statement.


Chances are that there is something you haven't selected -- dependent vars, classification vars -- from the initial variable roles.  The UI *should* give you an indication of what's needed.


Your image didn't come through...but if you can include that, it might help.

Calcite | Level 5

I can't upload the picture. But I am using sas studio on demand. I have selected all my factors, but it wont let me select full factorial. Is there any other intermediate step?

Calcite | Level 5


When watching this video, at about the 3 minute mark, she is able to select full factorial. However, both full factorial and n-way factorial are greyed out. That is what is happening with me.

Calcite | Level 5

There is a video uploaded by SAS that shows us how to do an N-way ANOVA, at about the 3 minute mark, she is able to select full factorial or N way factorial. Those options are greyed out. 




 When I look at this video -- at time stamp 2:49-2:51, you can see the narrator click Full-Factorial.



Then, at time stamp 4:26, you can see the PROC GLM code that is being used.



  Behind the scenes, the full-factorial analysis that she chooses is being done with PROC GLM. I would assume that if  you typed the PROC GLM code that it would run on the OnDemand server. So, that is the only suggestion I have.


  I am not sure why there might be interface differences between what is shown in the video and what you're seeing on the SODA server. It is possible that the narrator was using a different version of SAS Studio and the menus changed.


  For a definitive answer about whether you can do Full-Factorial or N-way analysis using the point and click tasks on the SODA server, that would be a question for Tech Support.


  Have you tried the PROC GLM code outside of the point and click interface? Does that work for you?





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