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Multiple proc sorts

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Multiple proc sorts

I would like to sort more than one dataset with a common by variable in one proc sort.

is this possible?
if so, please assist with syntax.
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Re: Multiple proc sorts

If you want to minimize coding you cold wrap your sort into a macro.
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Re: Multiple proc sorts

Consider declaring a SAS macro variable (or a SAS79-style macro statement), such as:

%LET BY_VARS = A B C; - macro variable declared
BY &BY_VARS; - now reference the macro variable


MACRO _BYVARS A B C % - macro statement declared
BY _BYVARS; - now reference the macro statement

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Re: Multiple proc sorts

try this:

%macro st (ds);
proc sort data = &ds;
by var1 var2 var3;


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Re: Multiple proc sorts

If you have to sort all these data sets in order to merge them using a common key then consider using PROC SQL instead of a data step as there data sets don't need to be pre-sorted for joining them.
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