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Multiple CPU usage for Proc NLIN?

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Multiple CPU usage for Proc NLIN?

Dear All,

I have a DELL desktop computer with 8 CPUs. When I run my SAS program (proc nlin with 1,000 parameters for a large data set), only one CPU is utilized by SAS (sas 9.1), thus resulting in calculation taking a few days. I want to use all 8 available CPUs to speed up the calculation. Does anyone know how to set up SAS configuration or system to use all 8 CPUs? I appreciate your help in advance.

Best regards, Rui
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Re: Multiple CPU usage for Proc NLIN?

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Two things: On SAS 9.1.3, only two CPUs are supported for multi-threading unless you are running windows server edition and SAS for windows server.

Not all procedures support multi-threading. I've read a list of which do and how many processors max, but couldn't find it now. Maybe someone else will have it. You may find that SAS 9.2 has updated the multiprocessor support; check with tech support.

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