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Moving from SAS9.1 to SAS9.2 foundation.

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Moving from SAS9.1 to SAS9.2 foundation.

Dear SAS,
Could you please help in knowing the impact of moving from SAS9.1 to SAS9.2 Foundation.

Currently we are using SAS9.1.3 SP4 and want to move to SAS 9.2 Foundation to use the new features of SAS9.2

I'll appreciate if you can kindly help me in:
1) How to upgrade to SAS9.2 on SAS Server(Windows)
2) What will be the impact on existing SAS Base Code Development we have in BASE/SAS9.1.3.
3) We have used SAS DI 3.4 for our SAS job development upgrading to SAS9.2 will impact on SAS DI jobs as well.

Please let me know if I have I missed to address.

Thanks a miilion for your kind attention.

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Re: Moving from SAS9.1 to SAS9.2 foundation.

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If this is strictly a BAS/Foundation installation, it's basically a installation issue. How to install/upgrade are covered by several documents in Install Center area in

SAS 9.2 is backward compatible, so nothing to worry about there.

DI Studio: is this environment separated from the environment you plan to upgrade, if so, see above. If not: metadata server is not forward compatible with 9.2, at least, SAS is not supporting such a configuration (running 9.1.3 metadata server on a 9.2 Foundation). For this environment, you will have to wait to phase 2 in 9.2 roll-out.

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