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Merging 2 or More Data Sets

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Merging 2 or More Data Sets

Hi All,

I want to find out if I can merge 2 or more data sets by "Name".

Eg. John So appears in 2 different data sets, I want to merge these 2 data sets by John So's name.

Is this possible.

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Re: Merging 2 or More Data Sets

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Yes Smiley Happy You do need to make sure your data is the EXACT same in each of the datasets when merging by character variables. I usually upcase everything to avoid cases not matching.

You can use the merge and by statement;

data want;
merge have1 have2 have3;
by name;

Or you could do some joins in SQL. Basically an extension of a two way join. Search either SAS Support or for papers on joining if you need details on joining.
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Re: Merging 2 or More Data Sets

Thanks Reeza I will try this.

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