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Mean-differencing a Series

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Mean-differencing a Series


Is there a simple solution to calculate mean difference? That is, if I have series, say, X = x1, ..., xn. I can calculate difference of two values defining a new variable as:

d_X = dif(X);

What if I want to calculate the difference of each observation from the mean of the series? Is there a simple way to do this instead of calculating the mean and then subtracting it from each observation? That is, say,:

d_mX = (X - mean(X));

I am sure there is one, I just cannot find the command. (By the way, "meandif" is not a valid command for this.)

I appreciate your help.


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Re: Mean-differencing a Series

Suggest searching the SAS support using the website SEARCH facility or possibly using a Google advanced search argument (sample below):

mean difference

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Re: Mean-differencing a Series

Thanks Scott. One solution that I found late last night was STDIZE procedure.

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