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Max Query Time Exceeded

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Max Query Time Exceeded

I'm guessing this is more likely a database issue than a SAS issue, but I'm hoping some other SAS users can help me. I'm using SAS and running a PROC SQL query using ODBC. When I run this query, I'm getting the error:

ERROR: CLI cursor fetch error: [Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server IQ]The operation has been cancelled - Max_Query_Time exceeded

From what I can figure out (I'm not the DB Admin), the max_query_time is set to 0 which means unlimited to me.

Has anyone had any experience with query times limiting your ability to query data using SAS? Any recommendations?
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Re: Max Query Time Exceeded

Have you tried to break the query into smaller parts? For example if you are hitting 5 tables can you try to break it into 2 proc sql steps?

I find that helps when I get that error
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