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Map Library Usage and Graph Design

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Map Library Usage and Graph Design

Hi Folks,

I get confused about the subject that how to implement a map on SAS. What i simply mean is: i have checked out the default "map" library and realized all the countries existance.

My first question is:

1. Do you have any offerings that how can i start to learn and manupilate a map? Do i need any extra technology which should be purchased or only registered sas user can handle this job? If so any starter tutorials for this topic.

2. For example i need to manupilate the Turkey map but i realized that the Turkey map contains 67 cities which is not updated. Now Turkey have much more cities added to that number, so how can i update it or maybe is there any update package which should fix this problem and make it updated. Also the matter of fact that, if i wanted to add the updated cities on my own i don't know their longtitude and so on.

3. My aim: we are doing statistical analysis on SAS for local cities for whole countries and it would be much better if we represent them in an advanced visualization, like a map showing the breakdowns.

4. Is there any chance that dividing maps not only obased on cities but for zip codes also. I have exisitng fully coded zip codes for some cities and it would be better if i recode the map and make advanced visualization.

Best Regards,
Can Akcan
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